The Power of Healing & Deliverance

We value all people and are committed to strengthening spiritual bonds through advocacy and community outreach.


We purpose to make disciples of Christ by exalting God (Psalms 95:6-7; Revelation 4:8-11), developing and encouraging Christians toward spiritual maturity (Romans 14:19), equipping Christians for ministry (Matthew 9:35-28; Ephesians 4: 11-12), and evangelizing the world for Christ (Acts 1:8).


One church, one goal.

We exist to glorify God, by making disciples that reach up, reach in, and reach out.


We are one church with one vision; making new, making great. Making new refers to the new life that comes with the decision to follow Christ. Making great refers to the great life we experience when
we love and serve God. We want every person
to experience both.

Join us, we would love to have you!


3021 Memorial Drive Atlanta, GA 30317


(404) 919-8981 |


Service Times

Sunday Worship: 12:15pm
Monday Prayer: 7:30pm
Wednesday Bible Study: 7:30pm

About PHD

The Power of Healing and Deliverance Ministries, Inc was founded in October 2012 by Pastor Alexis C. Haynes. The church was the result of a 40 days of prayer ministry. As more people joined the prayer movement, we were forced to find a larger venue to accommodate the sudden growth. The Pastor’s parents, Jessie and Delores Haynes, offered the first floor of their building for the ministry to continue in prayer. Soon after, these prayer services became worship services and a church was born. We have grown into a ministry focused on community outreach and interaction. The forty days of prayer is a staple of our ministry and is an annual event for members and visitors alike. It continues to bring unity, encouragement, strength and direction to all those in need.

In October 2017, we will celebrate our 5th anniversary as a ministry. In that time we have seen 450 visitors come through our doors which has converted to 200+ faithful members. Our mission is to continue to reach those in need through prayer and outreach creating a place of worship for over 400 people.